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How I became a technical illustrator 
In the early 60s, I had a job that changed my life.

I was a teacher looking for a summer job in Cambridge, MA. A friend of mine (Vince) said that engineers were needing help with drawings. He had noticed that I liked doing blueprints in one of my drawing classes.

Good idea. We created an ad for the MIT bulletin board.

Two weeks later a desperate engineer called from an MIT lab. He asked if I could draw using perspective grids? "No", I said. "But you can draw. We can teach you how to use the grids." he said.

His insistance was intriguing, so I decided to go to the lab and meet him. One thing led to another and I said "I will try".

Things happened very quickly. First I needed a security clearance.?? And I was not to tell anyone what I was drawing. ??

Odd for a summer job with minimum wages!
As time went on, I understood.
This lab was connected to the NASA space program.
We were working on illustrations for the Apollo gyroscope. 
I was learning every day. It was fascinating.
ESSVE samples
ESSVE building hardware
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