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Terry LeBlanc
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Terry LeBlanc 
This is me enjoying my favorite food.
I love to draw, to paint . . .
Everyday Moments are what I try to capture with my artwork.
I see beauty here and there in all simplicity. If I am able to capture that beauty, and want to share.
Working with watercolor is my favorite medium. But I also use a mixed media tecknique that I created for artwork of doors and buildings in Old Town Stockholm.
My parents had moved south from Nova Scotia, Canada in the 1930s. I was born and brought up in an area of Boston MA. I now live in Stockholm, Sweden.
You can guess that somewhere along the line, I met a Swede and we created a family. We have two wonderful children and a grandchild, Linus LeBlanc (serious,but sometimes playful).
Prior to painting full time, I have been a technical Illustrator. It was challenging and very enjoyable.
Enjoy my artwork . . .
and let me know if you like it or want to buy it.
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All art is created and copyrighted by Terry LeBlanc ©