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This is me . . . Terry LeBlanc 
I love to draw! I love to paint!
Everyday Moments are what I try to capture with my artwork.
I see beauty here and there and want to share.
Working with watercolor is my favorite medium. But mixed media is often a part of my artwork.
I was born and brought up in the area of Boston MA, USA, but my family origins are Nova Scotia, Canada.
I now live in Stockholm, Sweden.
You can guess that somewhere along the line, I met a Swede and we created a family. We have two wonderful children and a grandchild, Linus LeBlanc.
Prior to painting full time, I have been a technical Illustrator. It was challenging and very enjoyable.
But now it's time to paint!
Enjoy my artwork . . .
and let me know what you like or if you want to buy.
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Azalea Leaves
Green Bowl with an Orange
Köpmangatan 10
Nasturtium in White
Nasturtium Red and Yellow
Peony in Green
Seeing Right Through
Staffan Sasses Gränd
Summer Cottage
Woodbine Through the Window
  Woodbine Trellis


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